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A love that will never die!

   Rafe and Alison have a pure and magical, everlasting love.  They have had to overcome so many obstacles, and still their love for each other never dies.  First she finds out that he is an angel and must leave her to go back to heaven.  Then Rafe sells his soul to the devil just to be with Alison.  Livvie gets in their way and marries Rafe because he can't remember who Alison is. 
 Rafe starts to remember what they had and they get back together.  Their love has never wavered through any of the obstacles they have been through.  Rafe has been to heaven and back, and to hell and back because he loves Alison so much and she would do the same for him.  They were made to think they were brother and sister so their beautiful, perfect wedding was called off.  They found proof that they weren't. 
No one has ever come between them and they have never doubted one another.  Their love is so pure and so unselfish that even death couldn't keep them apart.  In the end their dream came true and at last they were married.  Soulmates forever.